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Wafer baking ovens

Waffelbackautomaten vom Hersteller Hebenstreit GmbH

The HEBENSTREIT program includes: Wafer baking ovens Feeders Wafer sheet cooler Special equipment Conditioner Dough-making equipment Waffle coating machines Cream production plants Waffle bar coolers Compact systems Wa

product parameter

vom Hersteller
bis zu 730 x 350mm

Wafer coater

Waffel-Streichmaschine, Hebenstreit GmbH
Wafer coater

Waffle coating machine tool Fully automatic high-performance coating machine for cream job in the film process. Depending on the wafer block composition for up to 120 wafers per minute. Major advantage is the individually adjustable

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Automatic Wafer Baking Machines, Automatic Feeding Devices, Wafer
Sheet Cooler

Automatic Wafer Baking Machines , Automatic Feeding Devices, Wafer Sheet Coolers, Special Equipment, Wafer Sheet Conditioners , Batter Production Plants ,Wafer Spreading Machines , Cream Production Plants Wafer Sandwich Coolers

flat and hollow wafer production

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Flat and hollow wafer production


VHF-Elektrode für Hochtemperatur-PECVD VPE 150 HT

VHF-Elektrode für Hochtemperatur-PECVD VPE 150 HT

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bis Ø 150 mm
13,56, 40,68, 60 oder 80 MHz, 600 W
Substratelektroden- Oberflächentemperatur
bis 600 °C      More

manuell einstellbar 15 - 40 mm

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