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Lenhardt & Wagner GmbH

Types: Distribution, Manufacturer, Local Service, After-Sales Support, Research and Development

An der Tuchbleiche 39
68623 Lampertheim

Back in 1980 the L&W co-founder Bernd Wagner realized the lack of alternative high-pressure solutions within the
market. He started to do repair and service work on all types of high pressure devices and furthermore offered rebuilt
compressor units for sale. On his next step he managed to incorporate various improvements on existing models and as
a consequence founded his own brand. The aim was to create a new range of technically advanced and affordable solutions.
Decades of experience and real quality products made Lenhardt & Wagner GmbH one of the most known and
respected brands within the high-pressure industry. If compressor units, filtration systems, storage banks, filling
panels or air quality control systems, we can offer the right solutions at right price.
Our flexible and fast acting customer service is also one of our main benefits..
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