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Truderinger Strasse 210
81825 München

Maxon Motor GmbH The leading manufacturer of high precision drive systems - Development - Production - Distribution of high-quality drive components and systems under the trademark Maxon Motor . We manufacture the main components of our drive systems on self-developed machines and processing lines. Our key technologies are three winding methods, engine and transmission production, and the use of high-tech ceramic and magnetic encoder components. This guarantees rational production and maximum flexibility. Maxon team tries to meet the needs of the rapidly changing market by offering its customers high-quality drive systems . We offer tailored solutions for driving tasks..
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maxon motor is the leading global provider of high precision drive systems. More than 50 years' experience, constant innovation, top-quality products and competent customer service make maxon motor a reliable drive technology partner..

Your specific needs determine our actions. The product offer includes: - DC motors with ironless winding and flat motors with iron core (output power - up to 500W; mechanical and electronic commutation) - Planetary gears, spur gears, special gears, feedback devices - Servo amplifiers, position controllers - High-tech CIM and MIM components - Customized drives maxon DC motor - DC motors with moving coil rotor and shigh performance permanent magnets: Ø 6 - 75 mm, 0.3 - 250 watts. A-max Programme DC motors with ironless rotor and AINiCo magnets Ø12 - 32 mm, 0.5 - 20 watts. RE-max Programme DC motors with ironless rotor and Neodymium magnets: -29 Ø13 mm, 0.75 - 22 watts. maxon EC motor - brushless DC motors: Ø 6 - 60 mm, 1.2 - 400 watts. EC-max Programme Brushless DC motors with modular design: Ø16 - 40 mm, 5-120 watts. EC-powermax Programme 4-pole brushless DC motors with highest possible performance: Ø22 and 30 mm, 120 and 200 watts. maxon flat motor Brushless DC external rotor motors with flat design: Ø 6 - 90 mm, 0.03 - 90 watts. maxon micro drive - DC and brushless DC drives with a diameter

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